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Understandably no one likes to think about themselves, or their parents falling ill/growing weak. Having to care for an aging parent is a responsibility that few people ever expect, or envision. Numerous studies have shown that the children of aging parents do not feel adequately equipped to handle the welfare of those that once raised them. Studies have also shown that the end of life financial preparation is a necessity that is often overlooked, although it is the #1 cause of additional stress and grief when a loved one passes.

Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that during these difficult times of confusion, sadness, and helplessness, there is an experienced advisor that can not only be sensitive to our needs, but that can also assist you in finding affordable, quality, life insurance within your budget? Won’t you call the ALEM AGENCY INC. today and allow one of our experienced agents to assist with you with finding the right coverage for your loved one? Here at the ALEM AGENCY INC. we work with a number of A+ rated insurance carriers to not only ensure that we are able to offer competitive pricing, but that we can also meet your family’s specific needs.

The ALEM AGENCY offers plans with benefits that are payable immediately, stable premiums, and low monthly payments.  

Whether you and your loved one simply want a policy to cover funeral and burial expenses, or need more substantial coverage to offset any outstanding debt, and estate taxes the ALEM AGENCY INC. can help you. Please call us today at 1 (855) 576-BEST (2378) orclick here for a free quote  we offer convenient office hours, in home appointments, and we are one of the few agencies that can assist you with purchasing a policy over the phone. The ALEM AGENCY INC. was designed with you in mind, and client satisfaction is our number 1 priority. 


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